Formula 1: Renault, scuderia sale?

AAA opportunity: for sale team F. 1 well started, refrain wasters. This is not so that appears in the ad, but that Renault is looking for a buyer for the team F. 1 bounces from England and France in an economic scenario that leads to reflections, in view of the crisis caused by the coronavirus. According to the French daily Le Figaro, which ran the headline “storm Warning”, on the French House are breaking down the storms that lead to a rethink of the presence in F. 1. According to these sources, the Regie is studying a plan of cuts and savingsof € 2 billion, which includes the closure of several plants, including that of Dieppe, and the abandonment of some models such as the Scenic, Megane and Espace, expensive, and unprofitable, in addition to cutting staff. According to these sources would be an injection of further 5 billion euros to the French state, shareholder of 15 percent of Renault, can not guarantee completely.

From here, thehypothesis of the closure of the activity F. 1, unless you find a buyer who finds the home to Enstone and allow you to continue the activities in the circus world. Many are the doubts and the parameters of the next new director Luca De Meo (enters office on 1 July) must confront, not the least of which is justifying, in the face of inevitable layoffs, the presence of a series of sports that so far has cost more than 1 billion euros without having big results. To complicate the financial statements then there is the story of Carlos Ghosn, which cost the level of the image and the economy of the Renault. In favour of the stay in the circus, Cyril Abiteboul, team leader F. 1, play some cards: by 2022, change the regulations, for which benefits will be capped, the costs were reduced to € 145 million per year, and between the sponsors and prizes, the Renault may be present in the world-spending less than what happened so far.

Having no other team to provide, after the departure of Red Bull for the Honda and McLaren to Mercedes, there remains the possibility of supplying engines to Sauber, that the command has that Fred Vasseur, which with Renault has worked in the past and is left out of the political issues. The team and Renault are to provide a second team, with the proceeds from the sale of the engine, are at the moment the only solution on the carpet. And in this perspective one understands why all the talk of a return of Alonso: it would be the key to a marketing operation that would allow the team to survive, to justify their presence and to Spanish to increase the bank account knowing that the Spain will become an important market for the same from Renault and having an ambassador like that might prove to be interesting.