Formula 1, the loss of sponsors in sight?

Mercedes yes, Mercedes no, where is Toto Wolff, who is Lewis Hamilton? And on and on, forgetting an important detail: the 2021 will be a crucial year for the F. 1 because the crisis concerning the coronavirus is leading to second thoughts and cuts on some programs that are not essential. Among the cuts the sensational, there is one of Petronas. The oil giant malay had a loss of 30 percent of shares to which are added the losses for the low cost of petroleum products. Petronas is the main sponsor of the team, Mercedes, and Kuala Lumpur come out negative signals on the presence of massive, as was the case in the past.

On the contrary, is put into question also the presence in the MotoGP, where you are dealing with well as the arrival of Valentino Rossi in the Yamaha team, a satellite. So the doubts of Mercedes more than the renewal of Wolff concerning the presence or not of a sponsor that can support the team and understand what will make Petronas, with that investment and for what periods. In this perspective, the reduction of the expenditure, with the budget set at 145 million, had a big hand, also because one of the final prizes, sponsors and the supply of engines to customer teams, Mercedes are cashing in money from the F. 1 and not spend them.

But other signals coming from Heineken. The Dutch beer with the leadership of the Italian will leave at the end of the year. The collapse of the market on the one hand, combined with a world, what car, where alcoholic beverages are not well regarded and many nations are preventing the advertising campaigns, which led to the decision to leave the circus where he was one of the top brand sponsors of the championship. Second thoughts also for Emirates, whose fleet of Airbus 380 has remained on the ground, and probably will be dismantled, saw the reduction of passenger traffic. Dubai has started a campaign to cut 3 thousand jobs, and this in spite of the forecast for 2020 Expo (moved to 2021) do predict an increase in flow of tourists and visitors in the Emirate in the future.

In this case we speak of a reduction of the total amount that the top sponsors have paid for the signage on the circuits. And in this context, it should be inserted even Pirelli, which has started with, you can save money by reducing the tyre choice for the team proposing the standard. In short, the scenario is not of the best and more or less all the team have seen, to propose the reduction of the budget (including Shell and Exxon Mobil, that is, Ferrari and Honda, have reduced investment due to the collapse of the oil market), or an extension of the contracts of a year with the same conditions. How to say a year for free if it’s okay with you, and not all are in agreement in accepting these proposals.