Holidays 2020: drive within the national borders

ITALIAN HOLIDAYS – After months of scarcity and limited movements, the italians are in search of entertainment and are already thinking about the holidays in summer, which, however, will be very different than those of recent years: because of the aftermath of an emergency, will be limited travel abroad and in the plane. This is what emerges from a survey carried out for the internet site Easy.en, from which it turns out that 90,2% of those who go on vacation, it will, within national borders (the 38,09% will not change even region). The 78,3% of vacationers will choose thecar, against 12.4% of the plane, 11.1% of the train, and 2.2% of the ship.

ONE out of TWO REMAINS IN the HOUSE – From the survey it turns out, however, that only 55.2% of the respondents will go in vacation in the summer, going to the hotel (27.4% of the people), in a rental home (22.1%) or property (20,4%) or in a tent, caravan or camper van (or 5.4%). Among those who will stay at home, 43.7% do it for economic reasons and 28.7% for the fear of sex.