Tesla Model 3 – the Usa was born the cabriolet version

The american Newport Convertible Engineering, a company with almost 40 years of experience in the automotive sector, has developed a cabriolet version of the Tesla Model 3. The electric california does not exist officially in this version, and Newport has decided to industrialize the project to propose it at the global level while maintaining the bodywork of four doors: the United States, the transformation with the power hood has a cost of 39.500 dollar, to add, of course, that the drive of the series. Newport Convertible Engineering is already known to have developed in the past, a Cabriolet version of the Tesla Model S.

The four-door electric, open to the sky. To secure the car in case of an accident, you created an arc of protection between the two rows of seats, taking advantage of the central post of the original, while the hood is a choice of classic canvas folding manually or electrically, which remains in view once you open. Its shape allowed it to maintain the original crystals of the goalkeeper, but he has deleted the light on the rear pillar. From the pictures it seems that the space for the rear passengers remained unchanged, while there is no picture available of the luggage compartment in order to understand when to have affected the compartment reserved for the roof on the total capacity. Also, it is not known the data relating to the increase of the weight for the introduction of the necessary reinforcements to the chassis, so we don’t know if the Model 3 has lost something in terms of performance and autonomy.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.