The new Chevrolet Corvette C8 arrives on the market (USA) is only 54K for the years [it costs less than C7 used ex-rental Hertz]

The americans , you know, on the topic of cars and not only make their own way, compared to us europeans. Often the cars made in the USA are not very suited to our tastes and even practical seeing the volumes and the engines. If you are talking about news on the topic of auto sport to debut in 2020, however, plan to immediately say “no”. The Corvette is a legend, stainless steel, with several fans from us and see it in version with openable 2020 (which is 2021) leaves that want to try it, also a lover of Lotus, McLaren or Lamborghini.

After some events related to strikes, and lockdown, with delivery delays for the Corvette, even the previous series, now the american House confirms that it will start production of the new C8 2021, both in coupé is a convertible. A medium quite attractive, at least to be known, saw the beautiful look, less heavy than usual for the Corvette and the skills, both technical and tecologica now closer to the tastes global.

Una supercar americana finalmente molto tecnologica e apparentemente fine quanto piace a molti europei

A supercar american finally very technology and apparently “the end” as much as many europeans

Without a rival in Europe?

The list price in America of the new juicy Chevrolet sport starting from theequivalent of 54mila euro net and in the many await you, the new Corvette with a mid-rear-engined. Perhaps also we, europeans, we will see and we will try, finding them a few models direct competitors. Not beforenext year though, if all goes well, maybe even after and with the final price in euros is still to be confirm.

TOP CAR LOW-COST? To give you an idea of how much the GM wants to make inroads in the market, the Corvette, the most attractive in terms of cost are those used that are “selling out” the Hertz because of the great crisis, and, even though models 2018/2019, the price at which they are proposed the Z06 yellow and black Anniversary Edition is the same as the new model, in the base version.

La super offerta usato di ex-noleggio Hertz, con le vecchie Corvette special edition andare anch'esse a ruba

The “super offer” used ex-rental from Hertz, with the old Corvette special edition go also to steal


While someone waits to understand if and when you arrive in Italy, this Corvette technology, and it also seems to ride as it should, being able to imagine the alternatives sold by us with similar price and performance it is possible to have fun.

Porsche? Not the 911, saw the cost double, maybe 718. BMW? Difficult to compare a Z4 or models that are so different technically, in addition to prices. Maybe the Nissan 370Z, or the Alpine A110. Staying on the american, even the Ford Mustang (here the test in comparison to a Mustang against a Porsche 718, and the BMW M2).

A good choice however, where the motorone V8 with the order of the burst (controlled by an ecu E99) 1-8-7-2-6-5-4-3 , and that feeling of a true supercar of the modern Corvette, the C8, however, is without rivals in the same price… price list USA 2020.