The sound of the DEMONIC, the Audi RS Q8 without anti-particulate filter [VIDEO]

Can a car have a completely different sound depending on the market where it is sold? The answer is yes, and it is because of the different regulations imposed by various countries, which concern, including pollution and safety, the level of “noise pollution”. It is not a coincidence that modern cars sold in Europe are equipped with devices which reproduce a sampled sound of the engine from the speakers of the system, reducing at the same time that you heard outside of the passenger compartment; and, of course, is not the will of the houses that all of this happens.

Year in and year out, producers are being forced to limit, with various contrivances, the decibels produced by the powerful engines of many cars and in this case the example is amazing: in the video we can listen to the [true] deep sound and powerful as an Audi RS Q8 sold in Qatar, where regulations are not so strict and the same as the Audi has been able to deprive of the particulate filter, its monstrous SUV’s equipped with the 4.0 V8 of the house. The comparison is unbelievable, and the notes produced by the exhaust pipes are demonic. Listen and believe!