When the tires recycled comes the asphalt

From recycled rubber powder from used Tyres arise asphalt performance, able to ensure the roads are quiet, secure, performant, and that are good for the environment. This aslfalto allows a reduction of up to 7 dB of the noise generated by the passage of vehicles and has at the same time, a period of up to 3 times that of the mantle, the conventional, by virtue of greater resistance to wear and to the formation of cracks and holes. Asphalt modified with recycled rubber and are a solution that allows you to invest the best resources for road infrastructure, reducing the inconvenience to users and the environmental impact of the construction and maintenance of roads.

According to the data provided by Ecopneus, the company that is responsible for the management of used Tyres in Italy, today they have been made altogether in Italy over 520 km of lanes of roads with the use of asphalt modified with recycled rubber from PFU, with an increase over last year of more than 170,000 square meters of new roads built throughout the Country. The first results of a recent experimentation in progress on the road network Anas have confirmed the properties of these asphalts, highlighting that the use of technologies and eco-compatible materials is the technical solution that centers the objectives of reducing environmental impact, ensuring at the same time benefits in exercise performance. The entry into force of the new Decree on End-Of-Waste will give a new thrust to the sector of asphalts modified and, more generally, the market of rubber recycling, because it defines the conditions and characteristics on completion of the recycled rubber, the status of the matter before ‘the second’.