Group FCA Juliet, and a 595C and the landscapes of Japan – PHOTO GALLERY

Every year, in the spring, the Japan discovers the beauty of its vegetation with the tradition of hanami (literally “watching flowers”). The show is also repeated at night, when the sakura (cherry blossoms), illuminated for the occasion, would put anyone at peace with the world. In this context, so ethereal, it is difficult to think that the shape and style, almost overbearing, sports cars, and cars may well be in harmony with these landscapes. Maybe the cars are very different from the local JDM. Yet, it is not so, as demonstrated by a japanese citizen, the owner of two modern Italian cars that made the protagonists of so many of the shots posted on Instagram (@wake_tomoo) dedicated, of which we collected some examples in our gallery of images.

The passion of the tricolor. To be precise, the two cars are Abarth 595C Turismo 2019 and an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sports car of the year 2015, both subject to changes on the level of mechanics and aesthetics. He is Tomohiro Wake, a laboratory manager from the city of Kobe and a lover of Italian cars about fifteen years, when he drove for the first time some of the models of our Country, which he loves above all the style and performance. He was even the owner of an Alfa Romeo 156 GTA, a modern classic by true collectors, of which, unfortunately, had to unravel: “I demolished as a result of a failure of the electrical system,” explained the forty-six year old in an exchange of mail between Italy and Japan. Of its cars today, at least until now, is completely satisfied and we are confident that, between the two, is the Giulietta, the his favorite.

The club meetings. Of the rest, seems to have a real passion for the Biscione: participates every year at the Alfa Romeo Day, the usual gathering for japanese fans of the brand, where there are vehicles very rare of the House, difficult to cross even in Italy. Unfortunately, the appointment of the 2020 strategy, which was supposed to celebrate the 110 anniversary of the brand, has been canceled due to the emergency coronavirus. In any case, there are alternatives, even in the vicinity of the city: for example, mount Rokko, otherwise reached by a cableway, is a famous meeting point for car enthusiasts of every make and model.

The most beautiful road. “But the best place for a car enthusiast is the scenic lake Ashinoko: the setting is beautiful and there are many gatherings that are organized here.” The skyline, the rest is huge, with mount Fuji rising behind the opposite side: for the photographer and Instagramer, is a true paradise. A road across to drive, but also listen to: here, a short segment of the path is a curious case of street music, with sound bands applied on the asphalt in order to create real musical notes with the rolling of the tyres. A treat for fans of the anime: the song is the opening theme of the series Neon Genesis Evangelion. It is precisely the resort of Hakone, in whose territory are located the Fujisan and the lake Ashi, it has inspired the city of Tokyo-3 of the animation series.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.