Renault are in serious trouble: alarm in France, for use in factories and redevelopment, to risk even the F1

The effects of Coronavirus on the automotive industry in France feel all right. We hear also, from the words of politicians worried about losing important elements of the nation, as is Renault. The alarm perhaps exaggerated by some of the headlines in the newspapers is that of Bruno Le Maire, minister of the Economy. The House would be in serious financial difficulty, and could even “disappear”, according to the warning launched by people who put hand-and money, in the auto industry. Because unlike us, in France, the nation, its state, and is involved fully in the activities of the sector, participating directly in the Renault.

After the controversy over the former management and the appointment of Luca De Meo to the president, are expected to be still days of intense and tough, for the House is afflicted by the crisis, post-pandemic. Soon, you shall know the plans of the next three years, but many fear for at least three factories, maybe four and a poorly digested conversion to Flins. Ready to “jump” to be sold and also various activities in the world of sports competitions, including the same F1 Team.

The entry of the French State launches then a message: do not help with several billion of funding for those who do not put first in black and white is a commitment to protect the activities of the French group. The note alliance with Japan (Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi) sheet, therefore, today more than yesterday and will have to deal with those who, rightly, remind us of how the Group is global, but the Renault brand all French. The situation is comparable only in part in Italian, with statements often times support games political and financial, but where the weight of the tricolore, the French, remained much higher than the us in the FCA.