SUV Toyota flies on the pool, a Woman breaks through it all and scares with the RAV4 out of the road [video]

Accident, amazing, taken from the video rooms of a house in Florida during this Phase2 of the pandemic. Unbelievable because the scene is very dangerous see a RAV4 Toyota that literally flies by, breaks through the fence of the private garden where there is also a swimming pool and destroys everything. The vehicle he lost control, perhaps to an illness of the driver, ends up in the water but there remains, flying in to break through a second fence. Only the case has willed that no one remained killed.

How could he be seeing the speed, and also objects to the pool, and use of children. Reviewed the video, the father of the children who usually play where you sunk the car in a frenzy, says that we are all frightened by the tremendous bang of the RAV4, which is flown in the garden. The bad weather and the possibility of watch TV, have meant that the “off-road vehicle out of the road” have not invested people. A few minutes before they were to work with the maintainers of the pool, they, too, escaped the danger of the car that spins out high-speed rolling and flying over the pool.

Before you blame at the moment only the one who was driving the car however, from the district point out that the incidents madmen of this kind have already happened, with the cars in that area are inverted or upon the fences of the property.