The Ford Mustang Mach-And is late

MADE IN MEXICO – The Ford Mustang-And, the suv power in the american home first of a series of new models of “green” manufacturer, will be available in Europe not before the beginning of 2021. The news, later confirmed by Ford, was initially spread by online forums dedicated to the Mach-And, who has published the e-mail sent to customers, the european reservation holders, where it was reported that, due to problems related to the pandemic Covid-19, have accumulated delays. Confirmed availability in the Us by the end of 2020 (the Mustang Mach-And is assembled at the plant in mexico Cuautitlán Izcalli).

HOW MUCH IS IT? – The Mach-And is a fundamental model for the Ford, eager to enter the new market of electric cars that, while still niche, is growing exponentially and also ensures considerable benefits in terms of image. Its main competitor will be the Tesla Model Y, also arrive next year in Europe. It will be available in the uk with starting prices of 49,000 euros up to arrive at nearly 70,000. The user will be able to purchase variants rear-wheel drive or all-by choosing between four step power (258, 285 and 337 horses) and two cuts of the battery (75,7 kWh, 98.8 kWh).