Two new Fiat Panda ready one behind the other: the Panda 2020 the Sport and Hybrid, then Panda 2021 also electric and super low-cost [render]

No one scoop detailed or official release, for now, but it grows much waiting for the new sold by FCA with the Fiat brand. Speaking of the new Fiat Panda to debut, on the occasion of birthday for the four decades of the most popular car in the Italian cities. Many in the plural, because we are to be the two special editions, in short, with the various updates and the welcome both in style and in the logos, both in the interior. With the Infotainment and some of the controls reviewed.

Under the bonnet, the three-cylinder FireFly gasoline, with electrification mild. Called to the hard task of making the best of the FIRE 1.2 8v (retired recently) and then go over it with the power: for the debut of the new Fiat Panda Sport.

Panda 2022: incredible!

The real novelty FCA, however, will be in 2022, when you will see theactual new Fiat Panda, the new generation. This car call to resume the whole of the inheritance Panda 1980 is the main piece that FCA dedication to the Fiat brand, for the next few years, in terms of volume.

Waiting for the implementation of some of the concepts seen on the Fiat one hundred and Twenty, to distinguish it clearly from the competition and from the cousin, the FCA. Will this really be the Panda stronger than ever, the one that replaces the nearly decade-long and still vendutissima 319? It seems that the new city car the Fiat may be both the most economic and popular among the electric, is customizablelike never before.

To understand, however, how PSA we will meet under the cute dress of the new Fiat Panda… And how much it will be possible to find the opposite: a small Peugeot or Citroen low-cost electricity from the city with elements of the Panda.