Dieselgate, Volkswagen must compensate the customers: the judgment of the German federal Supreme

Volkswagen is required to compensate the customers, the owners of the cars involved in the Dieselgate: it establishes a judgment of the Supreme Court of germany, which states that consumers are, however, obliged to deduct the miles traveled by the amount of money that they will receive. The High federal Court has confirmed the judgment of the Court of Appeal of Koblenz relative to the case of a man asking for a compensation of the colossus of Wolfsburg, to his car, a Volkswagen Sharan, paid 31.500 euro at the time of purchase, in 2014.

The judges of the Court of Appeal had ordered that the customer had paid 25 thousand euros, the more the deal: not the entire amount, then, because the car was still used. The judgment did not satisfy any of the two parties, and both had made an appeal to the Supreme court, which ruled today in a decision that at this point will provide a previous decisive for tens of thousands of similar cases.

According to what was stated by Volkswagen, the processes that are pending at the federal level with respect to the Dieselgate, which broke out in September 2015, would be about 60,000: customers with vehicles equipped with engine EA 189 involved in the scandal will be able to refer to the previous established by the Court of Cassation. The judgment of the Court of Cassation does not impact on the class action closed in the past.