Romeo Ferraris – A Uvc lamp for disinfection of vehicles

The sanitization of the interior of the vehicle is one of the new requirements developed by clients as a result of the emergency coronavirus. To carry out this process, the Romeo Ferraris has announced that it will use the lamp Steril Wand, a tool that can apply the energy Uvc light for sanitizing the most marked of the surfaces.

The high frequency. The entire Uv spectrum can kill many kinds of microorganisms, bacteria and viruses, hence the choice of the company to take advantage of this type of technology. The Steril Wand is produced by the company Steril-Aire Burbank, specialized in the realization of Uv-c lamps. The energy of the ultraviolet used by this instrument fall in the frequency of 253,7 nanometers and is highly germicidal: the fact that exceed the value of 200 nm, it also ensures that there is production of ozone, which in high amounts can be harmful to the lungs.

The advantages of the process. The treatment of sanitation with the Steril Wand has been tested in the laboratory before being approved. The intervention of sanitation generally requires little time and does not leave residue. In addition, at the end of the process it is not necessary to ventilate the environment. The movements of the lamp are directly managed by a technician, who can intervene so directly on the surfaces defining with precision the radius of action. Overall, the duration of the operation is about an hour and, following the cleaning of each cabin, accompanied on the request of the customer from the professional cleaning of the vehicle, the Romeo Ferraris will also issue a document attesting the certification of this intervention.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.