Fiat type: extended family as the 500, from hatchback to SUV

Photos stolen on the web a few weeks ago the future Fiat Type we have anticipated how it could change in and out of the C-segment of the Italian. The turin-based company has scheduled a major update of the model, with the introduction of new technologies, a new look and a new logo. The big news, however, is not the model year coming up: in a recent interview, Olivier Francois Head of Fiat Brand and Chief Marketing Officer) has anticipated that the Type will become an extended family as it has been for the 500.

More Type for all

The current Fiat Type is available as a hatchback or station wagon, so as to meet the needs of many customers, the market, however, also require a set-up raised, and the Italian Brand seems to be ready to respond with the Cross, a version that looks more off road and trim down for the count. This news could be already presented at the launch of the new generation, but that’s not all: the platform of the Type could be the basis for a real SUV that is compact and dynamic, for a total of four models in the range by 2024. The photo rendering on the cover published by colleagues of shows how the study MalteseDesign you imagine this novelty.