Passion Quattroruote – A new volume dedicated to the Honda

Iconic models, technological innovations, successes at the highest levels of motorsport. The history of Honda, which begins with a simple bicycle with its founder Soichiro a small engine to meet the basic needs of mobility of the Japan prostrated by world war ii, is rich of important pages of the evolution of the automobile. And it is for this that we wanted to dedicate a volume in the series Passion Quattroruote, available with the June issue of the magazine.

Modern times. “Honda: innovation, sports, and iconic models from Soichiro to our days” offers, in 160 pages, a broad reinterpretation of the history of this japanese Home, which has offered important contributions to the development of technological solutions applied to competition cars and road. The ride starts from the present day that saw the Honda, like other manufacturers, engaged in the process of the electrification of its range. But if the “and” full electric is the fruit most recent of this effort, the research of the brand in the field of hybrids has roots in the most distant, going back to the end of the 90s, as evidenced by the production of a model of undoubted originality as the Insight. Tip of diamond of the dual propulsion for the Honda is, in any year, the super sports car NSX, which invokes the homonymous model of the end of the 80’s, giving an interpretation more ecofriendly in step with the times. But the proposal of the House of Hamamatsu today it extends to the Suv CR-V and the latest addition to the Jazz, both with a hybrid solution.

Icons are timeless. The Honda does not end here of course, since the production and research that range from the scooter to the maxi-moto, by the executive jet, marine engines, from lawn mower to humanoid robots. But the name Honda is run, inevitably, the thought of certain models of the past remain ingrained in the memory of fans. Said to be of the first declension of the NSX, conceived as a rival of the Ferrari road cars of its time and developed with the active contribution of a master of the steering wheel as Ayrton Senna, you can’t avoid to focus its attention on two of the cars fundamental, the S2000 and Type R. the Spider, the iconic the first, still missed by legions of fans who have been orphaned from its exit of manufacturing, has entered into the legend, more for its lines though not contemptible, for the exuberant four-cylinder VTEC with which she was endowed, a two-liter capable of delivering the beauty of 240 HP and, above all, to reach with ease as a speed unusual for any road car, so much as to touch with hand the rarefied empyrean of the engines in competition, albeit in an edition sized to the imaginable needs of reliability. As for the Type R, the more that a model must speak of an entire dynasty, which began almost quietly in Japan in ’97, landed in the Old Continent since 2001, with the seventh episode of the saga endless, formed from ten series of the Civic (regularly traced, incidentally, in the book), and came peacefully up to our days. The S2000 and Type R: we are sure that the smell, rather the smell, of the tires and the runway you are feeling it too…

Courses and appeals. Speaking of the track, of course, means thinking about the races, and also under this profile, the Honda has a lot to say. Tourism races (Wtcc, Wtcr), IndyCar (how many hits on the legendary basin of the Indian…) and, above all, Formula 1. An inside-and-out Grand prix that began in the early 60’s, when the company Soichiro is just overlooking at the world of four wheels and tries in competitions the way to let the world know of its existence (the first car of the brand, after so many bikes, is the spiderina S500 of 1962, the debut at the GP of Germany arrives back in ’64). A difficult job, that of F. 1, especially if you are starting from zero and you have the ambition to become in a few years, the Ferrari of the rising sun doing everything, the chassis and engine itself. But sometimes victory comes (with ginther representative and Surtees), before a pause for reflection and a return to the races in the 80’s and 90’s. That is triumphant: the cycle of the Williams and the McLaren, driven by the V6 turbo, V10 and V12 aspirated Honda and driven by Piquet, Senna and Prost, it is intended to build an essential part of racing legend. New pause, a return to hard in the new millennium, the crisis of 2009, which calls for a different stop: then, in 2015, the call of the sophisticated technology of the power unit, hybrid is irresistible. The apprenticeship is inevitable, until the marriage of the Red Bull Racing returns to victory of a single-seater powered by a Honda engine. And 2020? Will the Red Bull-Honda to be ahead of the competition right here unbeatable Mercedes and the ever fearsome Ferrari? We are still anxious to know what will happen in F. 1 this season disrupted by the coronavirus. In the meantime, there is always this volume is to keep alive the passion.

The volume Honda necklace Passion Quattroruote is available also on digital edition

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.