Car Dyson: there are new special

After almost a year since the announcement of its cancellation to economic reasons of the project of theelectric car of the Dyson, the british company specialized in home appliances of high range, emerge more interesting details. The first information about the car battery James Dyson, had been published by the English entrepreneur in the course of an interview, this time it’s the same company to get back on topic and spread the other details of the project, directly on its website.

The electric car of the Dyson, known as project N526, was developed from scratch, without any partnership with other automakers. Had to be a suv engineered on a platform designed to also be used for other types of bodies. To make the guide more dynamic, the company had designed a structure able to respond to changes in speed (at high speed the vehicle drops to be more aerodynamic).

Aesthetically, the power of the Dyson, appeared as a modern suv with dimensions: 5 meters long, 2 wide and 1.7 tall. One of its peculiarities was the large diameter of the wheels, so designed to achieve a lower rolling resistance, in addition to advantages in terms of comfort and road holding.

The heart of the Dyson N526 had to be a unit of the electric drive unit (EDU) integrated, compact and lightweight, which includes the electric motor, the digital transmission single-speed, and the inverter. Electric motors that would need to be placed directly on the front and rear wheels, ensuring a total output of 536 HP and allowing the car to shoot from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.2 seconds, despite its weight of 2,600 kg. The declared top speed: 200 km/h.

Electric motors powered by a battery contained in an aluminum case designed as an integral part of the structure of the body in order to optimize both the weight and the space available for the occupants, as well as providing the necessary rigidity and impact protection. Thanks to the technology of batteries, solid-state, theautonomy envisaged for the Dyson N526 was almost 1,000 km with a single recharge.

The interior space is characterized by a setting that is minimal in the degree to ensure less distractions as possible for the driver, thanks to the head-up display and the controls on the steering wheel. The ergonomic seats were designed to ensure the Dyson N526 maximum support; thanks to its three rows of seats inside the car could find a place for up to seven adults. The proprietary technology of the air filtration would ensure an environment that is properly cleaned.