F1: Mercedes, leaving Andy Cowell, the father of the engines in Brixworth

Leaves the Mercedes an important player for the success of the Three-Pointed Star in Formula 1 in the era of the hybrid: the director-general of the division High-Performance Powertrains Andy Cowell, has announced that it will lay off from his / her position at the end of June. From the 1st July of its responsibilities, instead of being transferred to a single person, will be distributed among different figures; Cowell will continue, however, to make consultant, at least until the beginning of 2021. High-Performance Powertrains, as the name suggests, is the division that deals with the development of the power unit of Mercedes: Cowell is, in essence, the “dad” of the engine of mercedes-benz in F1.

The group set up by Toto Wolff and Markus Schäfer, member of the board of directors of Daimler responsible for research, to replace Cowell sees Hywel Thomas as supervisor of the development of the power unit of the F1; Adam Alsopp, head of the powertrain of the hypercar of the house Mercedes, Project One; Richard Stevens, the chief operating officer; and Ronald Ballhaus, financial controller and IT. Pierre Godof, instead, will be overseeing the development of the powertrain of Mercedes to the Formula, And, thus going to deal with the last piece of the division of high-performance engines for Mercedes, with headquarters in Brixworth, Uk.

To understand how Cowell has been important for the successes of Mercedes in the era of the hybrid, just to hear the words of thanks to Toto Wolff. “The leadership of Andy in the team dedicated to the power unit is a decisive factor for our securities in the last few seasons – remember, the team principal of the Mercedes -. He gave an extraordinary contribution to our legacy in motorsport and we had a great working relationship from 2013 onwards. I’m sure it will have great success in his next adventure”.