Jeep Renegade-4xe – At the start of the test to focus on powertrain hybrid plug-in

The RSE, a company specialized in the research activities in the electrical sector, has entered into an agreement with the division the e-Mobility of the FCA for the collection of data related to the use of the vehicle track. To achieve this objective, have been delivered to the Mirafiori Motor Village of Turin, two examples of the Jeep Renegade 4xe in the preparation Limited to 190 HP, which will be made available to the staff of the RSE for six months.

Analysis. The RSE, which has 350 employees, will test the cars in the contexts of real-world use, gathering data related to the performance, the consumption paths are repeatable and do not, in the use of various driving modes, weather conditions, the load of the vehicle and its performance in various states of charge, as well as the impact that technology will have on users.

The future of hybrids in the fleet. The data will be shared with the technical staff of the FCA, which will thus be able to benefit from valuable information useful to improve the interaction between customers and powertrain plug-in hybrid, solving in advance possible problems in the future. The RSE can, at the same time, to draw up a detailed report for the introduction of vehicles electrified in the fleets of the public administration and private companies.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.