Turin – All the services and prices of scooters in sharing

Milan is often referred to as the Italian capital of car sharing, as well as one of the european cities of reference for the sharing of vehicles. However, the cities that were the first to have focused on micromobilità electric, well ahead of the coronavirus, have been to Verona and Turin. The capital of the piedmont region, in November last year, has started a trial allowing eight operators of motor scooters electric: now the active ones are five; another Hive, has suspended its activities, while the berlin Circ was absorbed by the american Bird; and, lastly Tier, at least at the moment, is not on the maps. Below, we report all the proposals and offers of services that operate – or will operate – in Turin.

Bird. Founded in 2017 in Santa Monica, California, the company is already operational in over one hundred cities around the world, and has recently acquired the berlin-based Circ.
Time cost: 1 euro for unlocking + 0.25 euro/minute
– Subscription or packages:
ability to subscribe to monthly subscriptions for unlimited use, but not yet set out for Italy
Other related services: in some cities, has launched the service of electric scooters, Bird Cruiser

Bit mobility. The startup veronese, was born in 2019, has arrived in Turin with an offer that provides a per-minute basis, the cost of unlocking and the different solutions subscription.
Time cost: 1 euro for unlocking + 0.15 euros/minute or + 0,05 euros/minute, in break;
Subscription or packages: Unblock daily (3,99 euro) with unlimited unlocks for a day and 15 minutes including. Unblock Weekly: 10,99 euro with unlimited unlocks for a week and 110 minutes including. Easy Bits: 5 euros for an hour.

Dr. (Em To Transit). Born in 2018 in Amsterdam, the company has decided to land in Italy, in Milan, Turin and Rome.
Time cost: 1 euro for unlocking + 0.15 euros/minute;
No subscriptions or packages: Free Unlocks/Unlock of Free: includes 100 unlock free, valid for 7 days for the price of 4,90 euro. Daily Pass/Return ticket: includes 2 free rides (up to 15 minutes per run), valid for 24 hours from the time of purchase at the price of 4.99 euro.

Helbiz. In addition to the scooters, the company founded by the Italian entrepreneur Salvatore Scull in 2015 has also launched a service of electric bikes, Helbizbike: the means employed (in the photo) was baptized Greta, in honor of the activist and the Swedish Greta Thunberg.
Time cost: 1 euro for unlocking + 0.15 euros/minute;
Packages or subscriptions: Helbiz Unlimited: monthly price to € 29.99 for unlimited use (even the bike, and all over the world) and 10% more credit on the sums with which to reload Helbizcash;
– Other related services
: Helbizbike (electric bikes).

Lime. Founded in the United States in 2017, Lime has led to the Torino 300 of his segways.
– Time cost: 1 euro for unlocking + 0.25 euro/minute;
No subscriptions or packages (incoming): Lime Week Pass: 2,99 euro for unlimited unlocks for a week. Monthly Pass: 19,99 euro for unlock free and a 30 minute run a month for eight races; 44,99 euro for 25 rides; 79,99 euro for 50; 149,99 euro per 100 rides (the latter are valid for up to three months).
Other related services: Lime works with Uber, but today there are package offers.

Hive. The service of segways in the sharing of the property of Daimler AG and BMW Group was active in Turin with over 500 means: at the moment, it is suspended due to the coronavirus.
Time cost: 1 euro for unlocking + 0.15 euros/minute;
– Other related services: scooters are also present in the app Free Now.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.