BMW Team Italy, Zanardi in the Endurance race of Monza with the M6 GT3

Is started the countdown for the start of the Italian Grand Tourism Championship: the emergency COVID-19 has not stopped the organizational structure of ACI, nor that of BMW Team Italy, in the season 2020, at the start at Mugello on 19 July, will line up the M4 GT4 and the M6 GT3. “For us, the reopening of the season is like the bell at school, we can go back and have some fun,” explains Federico Izzo, head of marketing, BMW -. The ratio of BMW to the track, goes beyond the period, it is part of our DNA.” The same close relationship with the racing team Ceccato, who, as has become tradition, will be overseeing the operations in the track of the house of the Helix in the Italian GT.

The owner of the team Ceccato, the former Italian champion rally Gianfranco Ceccato, is particularly excited about the season that is about to begin, also for the presence, in the course of the race weekend in Monza in November, a guest star of exception, Alex Zanardi. “For us, his presence is a source of great enthusiasm. It is also a stimulus to improve and to give him a competitive car at Monza”, for travel, Endurance GT3. To do all of this, however, had to painstakingly start again after the lockdown: “it is Not easy to manage the season: the races are brought together, serves great organization.” For the cars, says Ceccato, the problem does not arise: “at the end of 2019, we have started the work of preparation for the 2020 strategy, and in march we were already at a good point”.

The goal, after having lost the title by a whisker in 2019, is to take revenge. “This year , we started to head down to work, we want to look back and bring Stephen and Alex on the podium at Monza. We’ll do our best”. The same warning Ceccato is also the team manager of BMW Team Italy, Roberto Ravaglia: “to Improve is our goal, even if it will not be easy. We’ll, I’m sure we will get a good result”. Together to confirm Stefano Comandini, the commander and crew, there will also be some young people: “One is the German – reveals Ravaglia – this is Marius Zug, which will guide you next to Stefano Comandini, who could be her father. Simone Friggitelli – minor – Francesco and the War are joined by Nicola Black for the “endurance”.

Zug and Comandini will compete at the wheel of the BMW M6 GT3, which Ravaglia defines as “a wonderful machine”. “BMW Italia has decided to bring it to the track with a solid black. Hope it brings good luck,” adds the team manager. Riccitelli and War, instead, will have at their disposal, the BMW M4 GT4 with which they will compete in the championship Sprint GT4, and, with the addition of Nicholas Black, the championship Endurance GT4. The preparation for the season 2020 began with tests on 3 and 4 June in Misano, where the drivers of the BMW Team Italy involved with the M4 GT4 will be back in action the 26th. The last tests before the debut at Mugello on 7 and 8 July.

The season 2020 in the Italian Grand Tourism Championship will kick-off, as anticipated, at Mugello, on 18-19 July, and will continue until 6 December, with the final race at Vallelunga. No race has been cancelled and Monza and Vallelunga have only been moved to the end of the season, in the fall. A challenge that does not scare Ravaglia: “in my day, – says the former world touring champion – it was the Cup Floats at Monza on October 31”. The format of the championship remains the same as last year, with four races in the Series Endurance of the duration of 3 hours and the four stages of the Sprint Series formed by two races of 50 minutes + 1 lap. The titles assigned to each series will be eight.

Ready for the challenge is definitely Stefano Comandini, who recounts with enthusiasm the baptism in the track with the M6 GT3 for 2020 is: “to Drive the M6 was a great feeling; the machine is very well made. After some difficulties the youth of the car, the car is competitive. We hope to go even better: the first indications of the track are positive. The GT3, explains Comandini, are “machines very professional, efficient. Are basically prototypes: a part of the frame and the motor the rest is all done ad hoc. The M6 GT3, in particular, is equipped with an engine eight-cylinder, 600 HP, managed with the help of electronics. It is a machine with weight not from dragonfly, but very agile.”

Comandini, you says used to be “surrounded by young people”. “My ripe old age – jokes Comandini, class of 1967 – I should push to cross to the other side of the wall, but I still feel like a little kid. BMW makes me do from ‘mother hen’. It is a task of some responsibility”. As you race to the side of Zanardi at Monza: will be Comandini to share with the athlete the paralympic the M6 GT3 on the occasion of the Monza race. “I have much to learn from Alessandro: is an open person, no secrets,” reflects Comandini. The stage in Monza, as he explains Zanardi, “this year represents something more than a simple race, especially for the value that it assumes in the region most affected by the crisis in the epidemiological. Racing at Monza embodies the will to start over again getting back on the road after the difficult period that we experienced. It will be great to be able to go back on the BMW M6 and try the excitement of the race”. And that upswing is.