Bugatti Etiron, the Bugatti that makes coffee [Video]

The trademark Bugatti is able to inspire and to express prestige, not only on cars, but on various objects.

And it is the Home of Molsheim, which a few years ago has inspired the Portuguese designer Fabio Martins, which, during the first semester of the Product Design Masters of the Faculdade de architecture biennial from the Universidade de Lisboa has chosen as its project the branding of a home object of a different sector than the one of origin.

Martins has chosen Bugatti and applied it to an espresso machine, the Nespresso C100 Essenza, revolutionising the design.

The task, as demonstrated by the rendering and the video was executed very well, borrowing some of the components of the Chiron as the buttons and changing the design of the coffee machine original by aligning it with that of today’s automotive manufacturing Bigatti.

“The Bugatti Etiron is an espresso machine high-end, developed for customers of the Bugatti, in order to enhance the brand experience,” explained Martins in the presentation of his work.