PSA group: together with Dongfeng up to 2037

Stronger than the Covid-19, the marriage between the PSA group and the chinese partner Dongfeng Motor pointing straight to the finish line of the golden wedding: a joint venture in Wuhan (!) in 1992 to produce vehicles Peugeot and Citro├źn is, in fact, been extended until at least 2037.

A move that, in part, the balance of the uncertainties that have sprung up in recent times in Europe on the merger between PSA and FCA, and that allow the French group to strengthen the projects of penetration on the important and strategic market in asia.

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In addition, the decision now announced will erase in a single stroke, all the doubts and uncertainties related to the future of the partnership, entered a crisis of sales after the peak in 2015, with over 700,000 vehicles produced, reduced to a little over 110,000 in the last year.

A declining trend also continued in 2020, with deliveries in the contraction of the 67%, without 17.876 unit, and that can hardly be retrieved in the months to come.

In any case, the PSA group has developed a planning to revive the alliance with the chinese manufacturer, which is articulated in the arrival in the range of at least fourteen new styles, including new models and restyling planned for the next three years