Routes by car – From Macerata to Camerino, in the marche hinterland

A trip to the middle ages, between the abbeys, fortresses and historical artifacts in the wonders of the hinterland. Sixty kilometres divided Macerata to Camerino, a small village which is famous for its university founded in the middle ages: a route perfect for a short trip in Phase 3, during which you can stop at the various museums and places of interest, for which we recommend that you check before starting the opening hours.

Here we are among the treasures of the colli maceratesi, able to enchant the beauty of their environmental scenarios. You pull away from the indoor stadium Fontescodella of Macerata and proceed immediately to the s.p. 77 the Valley of the Chienti, which in the urban section follows via Enrico Mattei.

Among abbeys and museums. Just beyond the exit from the city lies the junction to the abbey of Fiastra, a jewel of the cistercian surrounded by a large nature reserve. Take the s.p. 125 to to arrive in Tolentino, which is surprising for the variety of its attractions. Starting from the basilica of San Nicola (XII-XIV centuries), also known for the Chapel of St. Nicholas, entirely decorated with a cycle of frescoes of the school of giotto-rimini of the XIV century. The adjoining museum contains a valuable collection of ceramics from various periods (XVI-XIX centuries) and a collection of about 400 votive tablets dedicated to San Nicola from the end of ‘400 to’800. See also the international Museum of humour in art and the Poltrona Frau Museum, inaugurated in 2013 to celebrate 100 years of the company, with the best examples of the creativity of its designers. The s.p. 127 climbs the hills that separate the Valley of Chienti from that of Potenza, and arrives in San Severino Marche, where demands attention to the sumptuous piazza del Popolo, with its characteristic oval shape.

Travel in the middle ages. It is time, then, the medieval town of Castelraimondo with its towering cassero and the Rocca di Lanciano, can be visited but only on the outside. There are less than 10 kilometres to reach the climb at Camerino, an ancient university town, and also from hot medieval. The fourteenth-century Rocca Varano, overlooking the village from the top of a rocky outcrop: recently restored, hosts the exhibition Centre of the arts and crafts, but above all, offers unforgettable views.

To see: the treasures of Fiastra. It is one of the cistercian abbeys best preserved in Italy, that of Fiastra: in addition to the church of the XII century, you can visit the cloister with the chapter Hall, the cellars where the Museum of wine, the Hall of oil cruets, which today houses an archaeological collection with exhibits from the nearby Urbs Salvia, the refectory of the lay brothers, with the columns and the capitals recovered in the same roman city, and the more recent Palazzo Giustiniani Bandini (XIX century), decorated with an English garden. But a visit to the abbey of Fiastra also allows you to discover the natural reserve created to preserve an area that still shows clear traces of the presence and work of the monks.


Total distance: 58.6 km

Travel time: 1 hour (stops excluded)

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Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.