Coronavirus – The summer of the drive-in, also free

American graffiti, Grease, even Back to the future. The film of an era and timeless. And then music, rockabilly, popcorn, girls on skates (the same as in the scene taken from a tv program years of the 80’s). In a few words, return to the drive-in. And this summer, for those who have suffered from withdrawal from the cinema to the extended lockdown, they might have an attraction. That, of course, to be able to enjoy a good movie like at the cinema, but without the armchairs spaced, plexiglas or mask. Simply and nostalgically, from the cockpit of his car. The idea of the drive-in is not new – dating back to 30 years – and in recent years several entrepreneurs have tried to revive, even in great style. “The truth is that, in normal conditions, is found for a different evening from the usual, but not go back in time. Also because you have to take into account some of the inevitable discomfort: the air-conditioning turned off, in the first place, and then the mosquitoes,” says Edoardo Scarpellini, of the MilanoCard. Despite this, or perhaps because of that his being out of time, the invention all-american (and where else?, since mass motorization and the cinema are stars and stripes) is back for a new season.

By the Park of the Vittoriale. Last year, in Milan, the alternative was between theSeaplane base (where it had landed, the innovative Cinema Bianchini, the same who had brought the projections on the roofs of the Gallery and then inside the historic pool Cozzi), and the Drive-in Bovisa, created through a competition council to revitalise the suburbs, equipped with Led screen and software that allowed you to even select the Italian or the original language, in the headphones. This year, instead, you will be able to park in the first row to North Park, or even in the temple of motorsport, the Autodromo of Monza. The area of milan, located in via Senigallia, will be equipped with a giant Led wall of about 200 square metres and will propose a program of films new and old up to the 16 August. With a plus not just: entrance is free-or almost-is the request a minimum donation of 2 euros to the Fund for Mutual assistance of the Municipality, at the time of online booking on the site For the opening, which provides for the cult movie par excellence, when you talk about drive-in Grease with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, Wednesday, 24 June, is already sold-out. But it is possible to register for the films in the program already from the evening of Thursday, June 25 (another classic, albeit not in the theme, i.e. Fight Club). All’Autodromo di Monza, instead, you will enter the car in the area 2 the Paddock, along the straight that leads to the mythical dish. In the temple of the Formula 1, you will pay a little more: the ticket from 10 euros per machine, regardless of the number of occupants. The receipts, in this case, they will also have the purposes and benefits of solidarity, because the 50% will be channelled into a fund for the support of companies in difficulty for the pandemic, set up by the Municipality of Monza. And the other two “halls”? The Drive-in Bovisa, at the moment, it is still present on the social, waiting to re-open the gates. Cinema Bianchini, instead, found that the enthusiasm for the drive-in has not resulted in many tickets and the spectators at the end do not appreciate having to give up the air conditioning (mandatory, of course, the engine is off), has left the Area. Meanwhile, in the summer of 2020 looming, a new experiment, on the other waters: if you are planning a trip to lake Garda you can book one of the 60 cars at the Vittoriale, the museum-house of Gabriele D’annunzio in Gardone Riviera. For the occasion, was paved, the area of the Amphitheatre, back to the visitor parking. A very different atmosphere compared to the dusty places where sgommavano huge Cadillac of the American dream.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.