Ferrari F40 in 2020? it could be so

What would happen if Ferrari decided to celebrate the iconic F40 with a car “updated” to the year 2020? Probably we would see a car very similar to the beautiful render in the gallery opening, made by the designer Travis Walmsley and call “FXX40”, honoring therefore the Ferrari FXX, which is the track version of the Enzo. As we can see from the pictures the design is classic and the forms recall those of the F40 “original”, except some details like the headlights, which are replaced by led strips and leaving the unused space at the air intakes, and the hood with a large opening for the cooling or perhaps as the aerodynamic channel. In the rear area are evident in the two drains at the sides of the plate, instead of the three originals.

The F40 was and is an icon of the prancing horse of Maranello. It was the virtual heir of the 288 GTO and was, in practice, completely designed by the Engineers Materazzi, who not only oversaw the whole project but he also built the engine, transmission and other hot parts of the mechanics and suspension system. Was born to celebrate 40 years of athletic activities of the house, and introduced some of the gems project as the extensive use of composite materials. Exceeded abundantly the 324Km/h and a maximum speed declared, and was, at the time, the car road faster. Was produced from 1987 to 1992, in 1337 specimens.