Coronavirus – Six out of ten italians refer to the purchase of the car, the other two waive

Passed the most critical phase of the emergency coronavirus, the car has become, in its way, a thermometer of the situation. Statistical studies, for the last one conducted by Aniasa with the strategic consulting firm Bain & Company, the results of the mobility centre post-Covid, but at the same time foreshadow scenarios complicated for sales: according to the research, in fact, 84% of the italians gave up or postponed purchase of a new car.

Question wait-and-see. On the decision to weigh in, inevitably, for the economic difficulties generated by the lockdown, but it also affects the uncertainty related to the incentives, which the government is dithering. So, while 24% of consumers have thrown in the towel, 60% expect better times: for their finances (47%) or for the convenience of the purchase prices (23%). In any case, the vast majority (70%) is willing to buy only in the face of incentives, promotions or flexible solutions. Only 12% said the car, a well that is no longer needed.

Half private vs public. Yet, a means of private transport we need today more than ever, if it is true that, as noted by the study, in this Stage 3 the car is used for 60-70% of journeys, while public transport only 20-30%. The coronavirus has affected the mobility habits of the italians and a return to normalcy will certainly not be rapid, with over half of respondents believe, in fact, to restore the previous standard in the movements only six months. Skepticism regards mainly the local public transport, that nearly 70% of the sample declares to want to use less than before. And be wary, for fear of possible outbreaks, even in the taxi: the 47% of the sample intends to reduce the use.

Less people around. In general, there is still a tendency to limit the movements: especially those related to pleasure (three italians out of four think that they go less to the restaurant, and the same goes for the shopping) and work. Prospects that generate negative effects on the car sharing and rental in the short term.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.