FCA: free way to the loan of 6.3 billion

By the Court of Auditors has arrived on the free way the official for the loan with public guarantee from 6.3 billion intended to “help” the Italian activities of the FCA. The financing, which as is known is granted by Intesa Sanpaolo only one missing now is the definitive seal of the Ministry of the Economy. The procedure provides that the judges accounting to assess the various aspects of the decree of the Mef that must authorize the loan and related guarantee by Sace, which will ensure that 80% of the amount.

The loan, once the ministry will give permission, will be managed by Intesa Sanpaolo through current accounts appropriate to support the group, Italian-american to pay about 10 thousand Italian suppliers and to support the investments agreed in the plants where they are starting the new production, with the 500 electric in Turin and with the Jeep Renegade and Compass hybrid Melfi.

The group, chaired by John Elkann, is obliged to invest in Italy 5.2 billion euros, to support full employment and to avoid that the production is transferred outside our borders. The recipients of the funding are therefore FCA Italy and the other companies of the group with registered office in Italy, which, according to the forecast, will use 800 million to support the costs of staff, while 4.5 billion will go to 10 thousand external suppliers, of which 1,400 are not Italian, which in any case can not be paid in an amount of more than 1.2 billion. Finally, 1 billion euros for research and development on new models, with particular attention to the aspect of “green”.