Formula 1 – countdown to the World: the Mugello valley is in the race alongside Monza

The Formula 1 is back to warm up the engine and Mugello is the first line alongside Monza. Even if it still lacks the official status, many signs that foreshadow the possibility of a second race in our Country, to be held on the Italian track: the date may be that of 13th September, a week after the appointment on the circuit of brianza.

The uncertainty. The Covid-19 has distorted this season, and the seventieth since the World of F. 1 was born, in 1950. Almost all of the teams have pulled out of the garage the cars of 2018, using them to bring back confidence to the pilots “rusty” from months of inactivity and, especially, to develop procedures anti-Covid, which will be necessary when, from the 3rd of July, in Austria, will start to get serious. Distancing, masks and a limited number of people permitted on the track and in the paddock for each team (no more than 80) are the new rules imposed by the pandemic. To suffer more than any other thing, though, was the calendar of the competitions, the completely revised: after the GP of Australia, jumped when the now teams and material had already arrived in Melbourne, to be postponed or cancelled were all events of the championship, which would have to be the longest in history, with 22 races. Liberty Media, which owns the commercial rights of the Circus, and the Fia have managed to define at least the first eight races of the season, all held in Europe, and two from the repeat, with a different name, on the same circuit (the austrian Red Bull Ring and Silverstone). Around these Great Prizes there is, at this point, a reasonable degree of certainty on the fact that you can make, even in the absence of the public. What will happen after Monza, where you will ride on the 6th of September, however, is still shrouded in mystery, although it is likely that, over the next weeks, to be taken and published of the decisions. As is well known, Baku, Singapore and Suzuka have recently waived their date; the organizers, however, still have not communicated their intentions. Difficult, however, that the Circus can go on the trip to america, reaching cities such as Austin, Mexico City and, especially, são Paulo, Brazil, where the pandemic is still raging. And it is here that comes into play will be organized a second race in Italy.

Dear Europe. The most practical solution, in fact, is that of extending the series of european races after Monza, avoiding the need for the team long-term, intercontinental, and in this way reduce the risk of infection and is purported to contain the costs, aspect is not negligible in a time when many teams are in economic issues. As soon as you see this possibility, they were different tracks of the Old Continent to apply to host one or two Large Prizes. Hockenheim in Germany, Portimão in Portugal, Imola and Mugello in Italy. The movement is undeniable: there is enough for a rapid survey in tuscany to detect an abnormal amount of “sold out” in the hotel and in the country resort of the area to confirm our impression; there are a variety of companies related to the F. 1 that have requested the availability of exclusive facilities for “private events”. For the circuit in tuscany, from the years of Ferrari (which I would dispute your vintage Grand Prix, an event that gave the name to the single-seater 2020, baptized SF1000), would be a nice compensation, after the loss of the appointment of the Motogp world championship. And already the Ferrari is, in a certain sense, brought forth, by choosing it in the last few days to make them “stretch” Leclerc and Vettel with the car of 2018, putting their own procedures anti-Covid.

The choice. On closer look, some critical Mugello he would: the accessibility is low, the roads leading to the track are certainly not the ideal for large tir of the teams, the facilities in the area do not abound. By contrast, the almost certain absence of the public would facilitate the logistics. However, also the track of Imola could say its just in the first half of June, the Fia has granted to the route of romagna, dedicated to the memory of Enzo and Dino Ferrari, the approval of Degree 1, i.e., the suitability to host the Formula 1. A certification that has given a lot to express to Uberto Selvatico Estense, the chairman of Formula Imola, the company that manages the plant, in the hope “that the dream of hosting a Grand Prix could become reality, with the team work of institutions and the community”. It is not the first time, in fact, that the promotor tries, having also contested in Monza the privilege of hosting the GP of Italy before the Aci would give its full support to the structure from the brianza area. Things are never successful, and also this time, despite local media claims that not all is lost yet, the city could get the worst of it. The reasons for its exclusion are not at the moment clear: the paddock, pits and hospitality areas of the circuit are not at the height of those of the most modern facilities, but it is also true that the rules imposed by the pandemic would reduce a lot the number of persons admitted to the system. In favour of the Mugello, however, could play the political weight of Ferrari, as we have said, is the owner of it. To know how it will end, all that remains is to wait a few more days.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.