Renault E-Tech, the hybrid that was not there

A HYBRID SUI GENERIS – Only a few days ago have been unveiled the prices of the Renault Clio and Captur adopting the new system , hybrid-Tech (here the news). The occasion is so propitious to better understand how it is done and why it is so different from the many other solutions already seen. The approach of the system And the Tech is comparable, in practice, only the one that Toyota has used for its Hybrid Sinergy Drive. Both solutions are free of the clutch, and use two electric motors, one of which is connected to the drive wheels, together with the internal combustion engine.

ENGINES-CLUTCH 3 TO 0 – The similarities stop here: the Toyota usa instead of a gear of a complex planetary gear set while the Renault has a mechanical 4-speed. The French technicians have taken advantage of the experiences of the Formula 1 to throw to the nettles, in addition to the clutch, the synchronizers. The gears of the 4-speed have front couplings at the dog’s tooth and to fit the gears without jerks and “scratch” using the electric motor. It connected to the flywheel with gears instead of rubber belt, and, thanks to its precision, manages to harmonise the rotation of the primary gearbox with the secondary. In this way, the clutches for the gears are sweet and you save the weight and complexity of the synchronizers.

SIMPLE AND OPTIMIZED – about the belt of the services, the system Renault E-Tech waiver as well to her: the water pump, and the oil, the air-conditioning compressor and the booster, in fact, are electrical, and this also allows you to save space. Then there is a second electric motor largest connected directly to the final drive: the starting from a standstill takes place and then gently and you can give up, as said, also the clutch. He also has his transmission, just 2 gears due to the great torque and the ability to turn up their electric motors. The combustion engine is a 1600 petrol source Nissan and its performance is optimized for highway speeds, the terrain is difficult for the consumption of the hybrid. His work in the span of rounds small has allowed us to forgo the turbocharger and simplify the distribution, 2 valves per cylinder and no variable valve timing.

BRAINS AT WORK – The management and calibration of these components is not a walk: the system Renault E-Tech can work in 15 different configurations, including the disconnection of all the engines. The flow of torque are addressable pleasure, obtaining, for example, all types of hybridization (series, parallel and series-parallel). The motors can be operated together for maximum power or endothermic, can turn only to charge the battery. The scheme is similar to the Clio and the Captur Plug-In, with the second one that has the same electric motors, but a little more powerful and a bigger battery rechargeable by the external power grid. The powertrain of the Renault E-Tech was developed in-house and has resulted in the filing of more than 150 patents, but it was worth it: the Clio hybrid on the balance records only 10 kg more than the 1.3 with the dual-clutch gearbox.