BMW – The company committee is pushing to create a platform that only electric

The BMW may start a change of strategies on the electrical, starting to create a platform dedicated exclusively to zero-emission vehicles. So far, the bavarian manufacturer has developed platforms that can be equipped with both engines, both electric and with internal combustion engines.

The voice in favour of it. To support the change is the committee business of the group: “Only with our electrical platform – said the chairman Manfred Schoch at the head of the German Der Spiegel – we will be able to fully exploit the advantages of this type of vehicles. In particular, Schoch afraid of the competition with other manufacturers, like Tesla, and the advance of the chinese competitors in this field, which in the future will be decisive.

Does not change the position for now. As reported by the German weekly, the exit of the chairman of the committee, the company would have given voice to the opinion of a team of internal management time pushes for a new strategy on electric: to do, i.e., vehicles able to monetize the benefits of the design (including, for example, a greater habitability) of a based dedicated. Officially, BMW has not commented on the request: not later than February last, the House had reaffirmed to build platforms intended for electric vehicles, both vehicles with a combustion engine.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.