Ford F-150: long life to the king

SAMPLE SALES – The pick-up Ford F-150 is a true icon in the United States, because he debuted in 1948 and dominates the sales charts: along with the other versions of the family F-Series, is 38 years the best-selling vehicle in the United States (896.526 deliveries in 2019). Today it is presented to the fourteenth generation, equipped for the first time of a hybrid system with batteries 1.5 kWh (housed under the floor of the body) that cannot be charged from the outside, but in the slowing down and braking.

HYBRID FULL – The hybrid system of the new Ford F-150 is composed of the twin-turbo engine V6, 3.5 EcoBoost engine and an electric engine with 48 HP, integrated in the automatic transmission SelectShit 10 gears: when you release the throttle, is dragged and generates energy to recharge the batteries; in the boost phase, it supports the 3.5 and improves performance and fuel consumption. The american house has not announced the total capacity of the system. In addition to the V6 3.5 Full Hybrid version is also not the hybrid motors are available naturally aspirated V6 3.3, twin-turbo V6 2.7-aspirated V8 5.0, in addition to the turbocharged diesel V6 3.0.

LOOK EVOLVED – The Ford F-150 edition 2021, which have not been disclosed, the outside dimensions (the shorter version should overcome the 531 cm of the previous model), has the platform and the steel and the aluminium body, as with the previous generation, while the style has been updated in the wake of continuity: the mask extends more to the sides, has a single strip central, and the led headlights are enhanced by the daylight in the form of L upside down. To optimize the aerodynamics, with the goal of improving the fuel consumption, the Ford has added a small movable bulkheads in the front grill: open when the engine needs to cool down, but close with the vehicle in motion at a constant speed.

THE LEVER DISAPPEARS – the dashboard of The new Ford F-150 looks more appealing and satisfying, thanks to the use of the best fabrics and the largest screens: the console can be the touch of the 8” or 12”, the latter with the ability to show two screens at the same time, but there is also the screen of the 12” in the dash. In the tunnel there is the classic lever of the automatic transmission, but Ford has developed a smart solution for folding when the F-150 is parked: when ordering the new Interior Work Surface, press a button, the lever will automatically fall into the tunnel and it is possible to open a sort of small table, large enough to accommodate a laptop with a screen size of 15”.

HE ASSISTED DRIVING – The Ford F-150 is equipped with a multimedia system SYNC, 4, connected to the internet and able to download updates as if it was a smartphone; it also has the wireless version of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Don’t miss the auto-braking and the advanced system of guidance Active Drive Assist is available, however, from the third quarter of 2021: if the driver pays attention to the road (it is monitored by a camera pointed to the front) and the F-150 goes on a road with a traffic island between the ones that are selected (initially will be active on 160,000 km in Canada and the United States), the driving assistance system will work even if the driver is not holding the steering wheel. There are also many “goodies” would you like to those who use the Ford F-150 for work, including two electric sockets in the body.