Highways liguria in the chaos

The possibility exists and is very real. The risk, reports the daily newspaper of the NINETEENTH Century, is that in Liguria whole stretches of motorway to be closed for all the time you need, except the weekends, until will not be made by the 15th of July, all of the controls to the galleries that the ministry of Transport has ordered.

This seems to be the way that Autostrade per l’italia, is taking into consideration to safeguard the criteria of maximum safety and in the absence of guidance from the Mit (Ministry of infrastructure and transport), which should restructure the timing of inspections, as well as we had suggested last week. The ball is now in the hands of the Mit, which will give its verdict on Monday.

In case it doesn’t happen nothing, the Highways will proceed with the closures as early as next week. The inspector of the Ministry, Placido Improve, and his staff would, therefore, considering a way out in agreement with the company: prepare a list of priority, giving precedence to the tunnel that they need to direct-view inspections, while the rest of the checks may be subject to additional time.

It should be added that the same company, Autostrade has clarified that it is not able to do everything that is required in a such short period of time and the only solution would be to close the network in Liguria, in order to respect the date of July 15. In particular, the routes involved are those that include the 14 galleries that have been jobs, and where today there are jumps in the track. It is obvious that in the case of total closure, Aspi has no other solution than totally closing down the Highway.