Turin, in bike in the city and 167 km/h: caught in the act by vigilant

In motion in the city of almost 170 km/h: it is one of the most serious transgressions of the highway Code detected in the evening of Sunday, by the agents of the Department Mobile Command and Section V (Borgo Vittoria–Madonna di Campagna–Lucento–Vallette) of Turin during a check-in via Pietro Cossa and corso Appio Claudio

Established 110 violations for excessive speed: the maximum speeds recorded were made score by two motorcyclists, who were, respectively, 167 and 147 km/h.

The Commander of the Municipal Police, Emiliano Bezzon, it says “Worried about this trend of idle speed, tracked, and continuously increasing”, calling it “an attitude is foolhardy, dangerous for road safety, that must be avoided in the bud with every available means”, reports the Daily Piedmont.