Baojun E300: a city car for the future

COLLABORATION 4 – The small electric car from the city are becoming more numerous and interesting. And it is from China that come in the most interesting solutions in this area, in advance compared to what we see in our area in the near future. One example is the new Baojun E300. The chinese manufacturer is the fruit of an articulated joint which involved General Motors, Saic and Wuling, the latter two have formed a joint venture with the collaboration of the american GM, from which is born the brand Baojun for the micro-electric mobility. The group also adds to the giant chinese consumer electronics Xioami, which in this specific case has cured the multimedia system on-board that is named called AloT.

INTERNET OF THINGS – The special features of the infotainment AloT developed for the Baojun E300 from Xiaomi is able to interface with the so-called IoT (internet of things), that allows you to remotely manage your home (if connected to the web) and compiree actions like turning on the lights or the heating, lower the shutters and operate the surveillance cameras. All this is possible both through the smartphone, or directly from the multimedia system of the car.

TWO VERSIONS – The forms of Baojun E300 are futuristic and squared-off and with a rush a very short to maximize the interior space in relation to the contained dimensions, in fact, the city car in china is long and 262 cm wide, 164 -, and high-159 com with a wheelbase of 175 cm. Enough to carry two people, that can become four (or 2+2 as it says in the house) with the Plus variant that is slightly longer (298 cm, with a step of 200). To push the small electric Baojun E300 find an engine from 39 HP powered by a battery 16.8 kWh, which should allow a distance of 260 km. In the Plus version, the accumulator is 31 kWh and range up to 305 km.

PRICES CHINA – THE prices of the Baojun E300 are the equivalent to 8.294 euros for the basic model up to more than 10,000 euros for the Plus version.