Formula 1: a war is on between Hamilton and Ecclestone

Flying rags between Lewis Hamilton and Bernie Ecclestone, and it was inevitable that was going to end up so, having regard to what he said the former owner of Formula 1. In an interview to the CNN, the volcanic Ecclestone has explained that, in his opinion, the initiatives of Hamilton in order to increase the diversity in F1 will not change much, and has launched the load from the nineties: “in many cases, for, says Ecclestone – the black people are the most racist of the whites“. Statements very strong and questionable, those of Ecclestone, which, as it was obvious, Hamilton has promptly responded on Instagram.

“Bernie is no longer a part of our sport and belongs to a different generation – grant Hamilton – but this is exactly what is wrong: comments ignorant that make us realize how much society has to change before there is real equality”. “Now I understand – presses Hamilton – because at the time I was done nothing to increase the diversity in our sport and why no action was taken with regard to the insults I suffered in the course of my career.”

Hamilton – as evidenced by his stories about Instagram – it refers in particular to an episode which is impressive, dating back to the Spanish GP of 2008: in that occasion, some fans of Fernando Alonso stood in the stands with the face painted in black and t-shirts with the words “Hamilton’s family”. “If those who managed the category for decades, has a lack of understanding so evident in regard to the difficulties that we black people face every day, how can we expect that the people who work for him may understand it?. The change starts from the top”, concluded the six-time world champion.

And from the top of the current Formula 1 came the answer, loud and clear in the words of Ecclestone. In the statement issued to the press, first of all, it is recalled that Ecclestone from 2017 no longer has an active role in F1, and – this is new – that the former patron of the category no longer holds even the office of president emeritus, as the mandate ended in January 2020. Then we read: “At a time when unity is necessary to fight against racism and the disuaglianze, we are not totally agree with the comments of Bernie Ecclestone, which have no place in F1 or in society”. This is a clear stance taken against Ecclestone, the first of the new top management since the departure of the british: it could not be otherwise, since the launch of the campaign #WeRaceAsOne.