Rising costs for the maintenance of the car

835 € PER CAR – with the fuel and the insurance, the maintenance is between the higher costs they have to bear the worldwide motorists. To prove it is a survey of the Osservatorio Autopromotec, which has quantified the costs incurred in 2019 to maintain and repair the car in Italy: the total has reached 33.4 billion euros, compared to 32,1 billion in 2018, and 26.9 billion in 2012. Given the $ 39.5 million of registered cars in Italy, the average cost is around 835 euros per car.

MORE REPAIRS AND MORE EXPENSIVE – According to the Osservatorio Autopromotec, the increase of 4.1% compared to 2019 is explained with theincrease in the prices of spare parts, with the growth of cars circulating and with the largest number of interventions have been 1.2% higher.