The Lexus LC update

WEIGHS A LITTLE LESS – The Lexus LC you update with the introduction of a series of changes. The most substantial work by japanese engineers, was on the suspension; thanks to the use of forged aluminum for the lower arms, the anti-roll bars more thin and lightweight material with high resistance to the coil springs, have reduced the unsprung masses, obtaining a total weight loss of about 10 kg.

THE SUSPENSION – The decrease of weight, the recalibration of the suspension, made it more soft (have been optimized and the end of the stroke of the shock absorbers), and the increase of the stiffness of the sway bar, as stated by the Lexus should improve the drivability and the dynamic attributes of the LC, allowing for cornering and more direct.

THE STEERING – To ensure that the steering is more “firm” at high speed, the engineers have intervened by adding reinforcements and additional connections to support. Software updates provided to the steering axle in the rear, and the electric power steering should also further make you more sensitive to the response curve.

The ENGINES – On both variants, the Lexus LC 500h hybrid and the LC 500, changes have been made techniques to increase the driving pleasure. The gasoline 3.5-liter of the LC 500h has not been changed, however it has been updated the control system of the battery of the hybrid system, which is now able to guarantee higher torque even at low engine speeds. For the LC 500 is equipped with the V8, have been made of the updates to automatic transmission Direct-Shift 10-speed transmission, in order to obtain an acceleration that is more fluid and is ready. Are not been made of the changes on the exchange rate of the hybrid is a CVT coupled to an automatic transmission traditional. The Lexus, also, to obtain a “voice” the most powerful of the V8, has changed the position of the valve determines the path of the exhaust gas in the silencer main.

The BRAKES onTHE – To stop the exuberance of the Lexus LC , the japanese manufacturer has also updated the brake system on ventilated discs with calipers aluminum monobloc six-piston front and four-piston at the rear, were, in fact, taken the pads larger to get a heavier braking the “short” and stability at high temperatures. Magazine also the the surface of the brake pedal to provide a contact area larger.