Car convertible – If the roof becomes a roof – PHOTO GALLERY

The charm of travelling en plein air, but without revealing too much. Nowadays, if the sliding roof is typically relegated to the list of optional payment, in the past it was part of the standard equipment of cars as iconic as the Fiat 500 of 1957, the Citroën 2CV and other models. Car is anything but luxury, equipped with what today, in the time of sophisticated air conditioning systems and glass roofs and panoramic, is considered to be a whim of the car driver.

Economic Idea. Just because we talk about cheap cars, the reason for this may be found in the costs of production: in fact, the price of the steel made at the time, the most convenient to use the canvas for the roof, saving on the use of metal surfaces. Of the rest, to the contrary of today, the roof of the fabric were not matched to advanced and equally expensive opening mechanisms, relying on simple and economic-cut buttons, such as those that made the fortune, even in more recent decades, the off-road convertible.

A real hood. Speaking of sunroof, however, is an understatement: those seen on the Cinquino, on his ancestor, Mickey mouse and on the “Deux Chevaux” are in reality real hood. The profile of these cars, with all the pillars in place, it’s one of the cars bodywork is closed, but which open, all refer to the allure of a true cabriolet. In such cases, we talk about cars convertible, in accordance with the denomination identified in the past, this type of bodywork. In more modern times, the idea has been shot on various models, such as the New Fiat 500 electric. However, only the last of several examples we have collected in our gallery of images.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.