Scooters electric: doubts about the safety after the first accident

AS THE BIKE – TO march 2020, with an amendment to the highway Code, you have defined the new rules for the use of the segways, which are similar to those that apply to bicycles: they are driveable even by minors without a license and without insurance, where, however, cannot exceed 25 km/h of maximum speed (6 km/h in pedestrian areas); in addition, the helmet is not mandatory, the power of the motor can not exceed 500 watts and must be present lights and reflectors, in the absence of which (but only with the dark or in poor visibility) the scooter is to be performed by hand. These rules, combined with the arrival of the operators who offer them for sharing, have contributed to the fact that it would increase spread, especially in large cities, where, however, there were the first serious accidents.

The FIRST FATAL ACCIDENT – The first serious accident yes is checked on 11 June in the province of Bologna, where a 60enne lost his life after he was hit by a car: according to the Association Friends and Supporters of the traffic Police (the Asaps), which also deals with road safety, this would be the first fatal accident in Italy involving a scooter. Another serious accident occurred in Milan in the last few hours: the two girls of 15 years, on board a scooter without a helmet and in the wrong direction, you are faced with a car, and have reported serious injuries (one of the two is admitted to the intensive care unit (icu). In the light of these and other episodes, there arise the first voices calling for the revision and tightening of the rules introduced at the beginning of the year.

Stricter RULES – Among the critics of the rules that govern the use of the scooters we find the Codacons, an association for the protection of consumer rights, which calls for the blocking of the scooters all over Italy, until the adoption of rules able to guarantee the safety of the road and health of all those who use them. According to the Codacons, also introduced the obligation to use the helmet. Giordano Biserni, president of Asaps, said in an interview that government incentives (of which benefit from the micro scooters, up to a maximum of 500 euros) should include the instruction on how to properly used. According to Biserni, in addition, the Government should think of introducing the compulsory use of helmets and insurance.