A fat bike with the tyres in Formula 1? You can do it! [Video]

The Q is a youtuber u.s. followed by millions of fans because he is an inventor of genius. But not only that: it is also a fan of Formula 1 , and often the two passions, the one for the do-it-yourself and for the highest expression of motor sport, coincide in the projects was really amazing.

The last in order of time is a fat bike, those bikes that is, with large wheels designed to travel on sand, snow or mud, equipped with tyres from Formula 1.

Starting from a standard frame of a bike and walking, our it is armed with a flexible, welder and… a train of two wheels, single-seater, Pirelli P Zero mounted on rims OZ, working the loom, in order to accommodate the large wheels designed for speed more.

To compensate for the unavoidable increase of weight, The Q, he also thought to couple to the original one of the second set-chain-crown-pinion so you can proceed, and the effort is much less compared to a direct connection of the pedals with the wheel.

Everything seems to be working perfectly, as you can see from the video, with the advantage that the fat bike with the wheels from Formula 1 does not need a tripod…