Alex Zanardi – the New neurosurgical procedure, the conditions remain “severe”,

Alex Zanardi was again operated to the brain: the decision was taken by the health of the Policinico Santa Maria alle Scotte, where the ex-pilot is hospitalized since last June 19 after the incident with his handbike.

The bulletin. The second intervention of neurochiriurgia, which lasted two and a half hours, it was already hypothesized by the medical team who treated the athlete, special guest: as we know, the doctors have decided to proceed after a Ct control. The last bulletin of the hospital issued in the evening, talking about clinical conditions, “stable from the point of view of cardio-respiratory and metabolic), but serious from the neurological. After the operation, Zanardi has been reported in intensive care: prognosis, therefore, it remains reserved.

The accident. Ten days ago, Zanardi collided with a truck during a stop of the relay Lens Tricolor, while traveling along the ss 146 to Pienza, near Siena: according to the reconstructions, the athlete would have lost control of their own handbike, invading the lane in which he was the tir. On the case the prosecutor of the city of tuscany has opened a dossier and inspections and appraisals: the one on the handbike of the sample should be carried out on Tuesday.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.