Audi Q5: here’s what changes

BIG MOUTH – THEAudi Q5 is the suv mean of the German rival of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, BMW X3 and Mercedes GLC. In 2017, has been revealed as the second generation, which today announced the redesign: it will be on sale in the fourth quarter of 2020. The renewed Q5 adopts a new mask: the more extended laterally, has 8 sides (2 more than before) and is mounted flush to the fascia, not in relief, as before. Change also all the rest of the front fascia with new air intakes in the lower part, while the overall length of the vehicle increases 1.9 cm up to 468 cm. Also new are the headlamps, while the rear comes the first-fruits of the world of the taillights with the Oled lighting field, offered as an option.

GAMES OF LIGHT – Each light Oled of theAudi Q5 consists of efficient diodes, which emit a brilliant light and intense like the screens of smartphones and tv with the same technology. The diodes give rise to 18 segments light, which you can turn on and off selectively in order to create games of light (watch the video below): with the vehicle stationary, the lights create a sequence of light to give the welcome or goodbye to the passengers (the fantasy is to be chosen at the time of purchase the Q5). Taillights Oled also provide signaling of proximity: with the vehicle stationary, if another road user is approaching, less than two metres from the new Audi Q5 will turn on all segments. As soon as the car is back in motion, is restored to the lighting characteristic of the original.

GREEN WAVE – The edition 2020 of theAudi Q5 is renewed within, with the arrival of the new multimedia system MIB 3, which controls only by the touch screen of 10,1” (disappears and then the rotor on the central tunnel). The MIB 3 is connected to the internet and offers a range of services provided from the house via the connection to the web. The most interesting is the Car-to-X: connecting to the urban infrastructure, in the cities where this is already active, it receives information from the traffic light systems are compatible and suggests to the driver the speed to keep to go with the green lantern next.

The NEW TURBO-diesel 2.0 – with regard To engines, the Audi has only announced the version Q5 40 TDI, which is fitted with a new turbo diesel engine 4-cylinder 2.0: has 204 HP and 400 Nm, is approved Euro 6d, and adopts a new aluminum block (lighter than 40 kg), and a renewed engine crankshaft (saves 2.5 kg). It also makes use of the mild hybrid, consisting of an alternator with the function of the starter motor (it’s called RSG): in slowing down, being dragged by the thermal engine (to which it is connected via a strap) and generates up to 5 kW of electrical energy, stoccandola inside of a 12 volt battery; this feeds the integrated services to the network edge. The RSG will also optimize the function Stop&Start, when the car stops at traffic lights or in a queue with reboots are faster, and with less vibration; also, it allows switching off and on of the 4-cylinder in-phase “soaring” from 22 km/h (that is, when you proceed to inertia without the motor “pull”). Everything to improve the mileage, equal to 15.9 km/l.