Audi Q5 – With the restyling of the tip on the hybrid

L’Audi presents the restyling of the Q5, thereby aligning the aesthetics of the Suv to that of the most recent models of the brand. The road is similar to that already travelled with the A4 and involves the design, powertrain, and connectivity to update the model and keep a high level compared to the competition. The commercialization is expected in the fall, and for the moment it is known only the price of the attack in Germany, the equivalent of 48,700 euro. It was also announced a special series called Edition One, which will offer a series of unique customization and a budget that is particularly rich in accessories.

The Oled rear with custom graphics. The Q5 restyling, long, 19 mm compared to the previous one (for a total length of four metres and 68 cm), is immediately recognizable for the new cut of the Led daytime running lights integrated in the main elements (Matrix Led optional) and for the single frame octagonal even bigger. The air intakes are larger and more aggressive, while the skirts extend more to bring the car to the ground, thus confirming the nature of the purely road. In the rear we find the groups of optical Oled with three-dimensional effect optional, and a new lower diffuser. The headlights and Oled offer extremely good quality graphics and crisp, but also include an innovative safety feature: thanks to the proximity sensors, allow you to communicate to other users when you get too close to the vehicle by illuminating one of the elements. Their graphics, also varies according to the driving mode, while the variant base is available in three versions, that the customer can choose at the time of the order.

Debuts infotainment Mib3. In addition to the new combinations of finish of the variants base, Advanced Line and S Line, the Q5 also offers the exterior colors of the unpublished District Green and Ultra Blue. It is also possible to order a version with the trim completely black for the external details. The interiors retain the setting that was already known and there are three levels of finish, with new details and a diffuse illumination even more sought after. The infotainment Mib3 new generation with associated services, using the touch display 10.1-inch, which has allowed us to remove the controls in the centre console in front of the exchange. The traditional equipment can be replaced by the Audi Virtual Cockipit 12.3 inches. Thanks to the generational change, the infotainment system offers new services, among which stands out the integration of the assistant Alexa, and the package Car-To-X managed by Audi Connect. The favorite settings from each user may also be saved on the profile MyAudi on the cloud to enhance the driving experience and vehicle use.

For now only the diesel Mild Hybrid. To launch the Audi had expected the only variant 40 TFSI-with an engine 2.0 turbo diesel 204 HP and 400 Nm, fitted with a new crankcase of aluminum and matched to the system Mild Hybrid Mhev and the automatic gearbox seven-speed S tronic with all-wheel drive. The values for the preliminary average fuel consumption in the cycle Wltp are equal to 5,3-5,4 l/100 km and 139-143 g/km. In a second time will be also introduced two variants of the less powerful of the two litre diesel engine, a V6 TDI and two models with 2.0 turbobenzina, also confirmed the version of the TFSI and plug-in hybrid with two power levels. No, instead, for the moment, a sports signed RS. The details on the fittings and equipment will be made known at the time of the sale.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.