Ford F-150: this is the generation of 43 years

In the USA Ford has unveiled the fourteenth generation of the car, the most popular in America, or the pick-up Ford F-150, whose introduction on the market dates back to 1948.

Yet another evolution of the pick-up sold more in North America does not betray its look yankee made up of squared lines, and all oriented towards practicality, but it is made significantly more elegant, while maintaining its “allure” hard and pure.

The F-150 remains faithful to the chassis steel box-section, with an aluminium body. It was redesigned with the headlights up-to-date, a new bonnet, front bumper and more enveloping. The front fenders are higher and among the customizations available are the well 11 options for the front grille, with gates controlled electronically, which combine aerodynamics and cooling.

The interior has been completely redesigned by adopting seats more resistant to abrasion,new storage compartments and a central screen 12-inch, which allows occupants to share the screen and control multiple functions at the same time, including the navigator and the hi-fi in a different way between the driver and the front passenger.

The most important novelty is, however, under the hood: waiting for the 100% power of the best-seller in the Blue Oval, which should be coming in 2022, gets a new hybrid powertrain.

It is the V6 Hybrid PowerBoost 3.5-liter, which is based on the V6 3.5-liter Ford combined with automatic transmission, SelectShift, 10-speed with the electric motor 47 horsepower integrated in the transmission. The electric motor thanks to the function of regenerative braking helps recharge the battery, lithium-ion, 1.5 kWh.