Found in a container 40 sports car stolen

When a car is stolen and sent to the outside is not said that is all but lost: the demonstration arrived pocohi days ago, when the canadian authorities and the Italian recovered from a series of containers containing sports car stolen direct in Libya and in Turkey.

Theft imperfect

It all started in April 2020, when in the export phase of the Canada Border Services Agency has found a Audi Q7 stolen. The authorities have up his ears in a matter of a few months are spuntante new car stolen. 30 cars have been found in some containers in the Italian customs and the other 10 in that the Canadian models appear to have been stolen in Toronto, with destination Turkey and Libya. In the car there was a BMW M6, a Chevrolet Camaro and a Mercedes-AMG GLC for a total of approximately 1.3 million dollars. Now the models stolen will be returned to the rightful owners, who in the meantime have already been reimbursed by insurance for theft.