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TO EACH CAR ITS PLATFORM – The basic construction of a car, the floor, is one of the most important parts and are expensive to design: it must support all the structure, the body, but also dissipate energy in the event of an accident. The modern platforms are modular, adaptable to cars of different lengths, but is there anyone who wants to go even further: is the Tuc.technologyis a turin company founded by Ludovico Campana and Sergio Pininfarina (the son of Andrea and great-grandson of the founder of the historical company), which operates from the 2018 to the design of an innovative platform for electric cars.

MANY CONFIGURATIONS – the idea of The is to create a platform that is customizable in order to allow the removal and relocating of seats and interior components of the car, to achieve different configurations depending on the number of passengers or the type of use of the car. The removal and addition of the seats, for example, can be made by the user through connectors in the floor of the car called Tuc.plug, the disposal of which is defined by the manufacturer, in the design phase: in this way it is possible to delete, vary the arrangement of the seats, rotate or replace a seat standard with a seat for children.

ON the BASIS of the MEB – The technology developed by the Tuc, as stated by the company in turin, is ready for marketing. In fact, it has been applied to the floor of MEB electric car of the Volkswagen (that makes it available also to third parties). The MEB changed the four Tuc.plug in the floor and the other in the front, to which may be secured to various types of objects, including a dashboard with a screen of 12” and a coffee maker, all with the same connector, to make it easily customizable to the passenger compartment. Connect one of these objects in the vehicle also means to place it in a specific electric network of the edge optical fiber, which belongs to the control unit of the Tuc.brain.