In 2019 in the workshop we spent 33.4 billion

Amounted to 33.4 billion euros , the figure that in 2019 the worldwide motorists have spent for the maintenance and repair of their cars, according to a study of the Osservatorio Autopromotec.

The expenditure recorded last year is higher by 4.1% compared to that of 2018. This increase is due to three factors, says the observatory.

“The first is the increase in the prices of services of assistance to the cars in 2019 was 1.4%. This increase has been calculated on the basis of a weighted average of the Istat indexes of the prices for maintenance and repair, for the purchase of spare parts and accessories, for the purchase of tires and for the purchase of lubricants. The second element that had an impact on spending is the increase of the fleet of cars, which in 2019 reached a level of 39.545.232 units (+1.4% in 2018). Finally, the third element that has contributed to the growth of spending is the increase in the amount of interventions in the workshop for maintenance and repair, according to the estimates of the Osservatorio Autopromotec, was 1.2%. The joint effect of the factors of growth of the expenditure for the maintenance and repair of passenger cars has led to the italians for a total outlay, which, as has been said, it is estimated by the Osservatorio Autopromotec in 33.4 billion”.