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And we come to the Step 3. While Italy loosens the containment measures, the emergency coronavirus becomes primarily economic: in the car world, in particular, the house should deal with a situation, always difficult, while the customer remains at the door, and waits for the incentives promised by the policy. And that is why Quattroruote-July, already available in Digital Edition and on newsstands Tuesday, June 30, investigates again on the effects of the pandemic, with the dossier #backontrack, a hub in which to imagine the future of mobility, but also with the investigations on the distortions generated by the Covid-19, as the obnoxious increases in the prices (we called them “tax Covid”) applied in some of the workshops; or the analysis on the occasions, all to prove, that seem to be flocking everywhere after the quarantine. Of course, no shortage of news, analysis, the test of the Testing Centre of Vairano and exclusive contents: the impression of driving the Ferrari SF90 Road, monstrous plug-in hybrid 1,000 HP.

Then, curious to read the details of what awaits you? Discover them below.

The Land Rover Defender. No limits as always, but an interpretation is entirely contemporary. Not to be a prisoner of the past, the Defender opens up to all that so far he had rejected with disdain: and that is, technology, comfort and safety. That is a Land Rover you can tell right away, that is different from all the others in the list it is equally self-evident, that it is a Defender there is just no doubt. But now you ask how does this new Land, as it goes on
the road and especially if, in the off-road, it’s still that half unstoppable
that has made it famous over the years. In other words, if he can put
agree quality and characteristics, usually very little compatible between

Honda Jazz. With the debut of the fourth generation, on the rational staff of the Honda Jazz appears in a note, on usual, it is called the Crosstar, alongside the traditional version and a wink, in the aesthetic, the Suv segment B. Strong of the passage – final – the hybrid powertrain of the series, shared between and the other with the sister, the CR-V, this Jazz has pleasantly amazed not only in comfort, but also in the consumption, really low.

Mercedes GLA. Do you remember the first generation of the GLA? It was a sort of Class To raised, a crossover that was almost the impression that in Stuttgart we had believed until the very end. Now, however, Mercedes have changed the route: as long as the first, or rather an inch and a half shorter, but wider and, above all, the most high of 10 cm. So, the second series of the GLA, the eighth model of the successful family Mfa, it becomes a Suv with all the effects. Earn a few inches inside, especially the back (but the trunk remains only discrete) and receives a dowry of the innovations common to the sisters of platform: cabin, well-finished, the bridge hi-tech with the infotainment system level, Adas of the next generation and new engines. Including the 1.3 turbobenzina the 163 HP produced in collaboration with Renault, an engine that gives you satisfaction when you press the right pedal, but also when you have to stop to refuel. The comfort? Very quiet operation, while the trim is a bit hard.

Lancia Ypsilon Hybrid. The passing of the years (nine, to be precise) and she is always there, firmly in the top of the standings in the Italian market. A little bit because it is a little more elegant than ever, a little’ because, between the discounts and promotions, she brings home very little. Now, however, there is one more reason to prefer it: as already happened on the sisters of the 500 and Panda, the Lancia Ypsilon says goodbye to the four (Fire) to accommodate, in the bonnet, the three-cylinder engine (FireFly) with mild hybrid 12 volt. The performances are in line with those of the heart born in 1985, the consumption is substantially lower. The recipe, in short, it works.

You’re mild by the city. Continuing the theme of mild hybrid, this month we also propose a close comparison between the six variants mild hybrid models, very popular: Fiat Panda and 500, Lancia Ypsilon, Mazda2, Suzuki Ignis and Swift. Consume less in comparison to the sisters with thermal engines and provide the same performance, or almost. With affordable prices.

The other tests, and driving impressions. In addition to the test of the Volkswagen T-Roc Cabriolet and the very interesting special test on the lacks of the systems of automatic emergency braking, the great protagonist of this month is the Ferrari SF90 Road. Gian Luca Pellegrini has guided the Red plug-in hybrid on the roads of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines and on the Fiorano track: to know how it goes, just read the service from the eight pages that we have devoted to the “gigacar” 1,000 HP. But it’s not over here: impressions this month will also offer theAudi RS4 Avant and the Subaru Impreza.

QElectric. The cover of July is dedicated to the test of the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range, the version with the smaller battery: as you can see, however, the power of Elon Musk goes too far. We have then given a peek at the first Hyundai to the battery on the floor dedicated to the 45, that to found a new era draws to a milestone of the past, the one Pony that in the mid-70 launched the brand Korean abroad. And then here is the new Opel Mokka, which loses the X in the name, a handful of inches in length and earn line athletics, a brand new infotainment system and a battery pack. The electric version, as it’s already happened, for the Race is the one that has actually lifted the curtain.

News and Investigations. The Timeliness of the July, and could not investigate as the pandemic Covid-19 he has or has not changed the trade policies of Houses and dealers, the views of the hundreds of thousands of cars that have remained unsold during the lockdown. For this, we have visited several dealerships of different brands, with the goal of making us draw up estimates of financing of the same car have already been the subject of an investigation, a similar, published on Quattroruote of December 2019. Discounts (in percentage on the price of copies ready for delivery) and interest rates were thus compared: and the surprises are not missed. As well as surprising, and indeed disconcerting, are the results the results of thesurvey carried out incognito in the private centres of the revisions of the areas of Milan, Pavia, Cremona and Piacenza, with the aim to verify the accuracy of the controls. That, as is easy to imagine, so accurate too often are not: only in two of the centres visited, in fact, our cars have been rejected. But it is enough to choose other workshops because all four cars were regularly promoted from the technicians to the revisions.

Previews and Autonotizie. The Nissan, in the framework of the alliance with Renault, also adopts a recovery plan that strengthens cooperation, cut production volumes and model variations. But do not want to give his horses to race and emotion: here, in the section Previews, as will be the new Qashqai , and the heir of sports the Z. The Autonotizie deal with instead of two models in dispute, intended to arouse a lot of discussions: the BMW 4 Series, dominated by the kidney grille’s vertical proportions never seen on a body like that, and the Citroën C4, which with this generation launches a new style full of originality which has always distinguished the brand. Do not miss all the facelift that not come up during the lockdown and now they are crowded in the showroom: from the Hyundai Santa Fe to the Mercedes E-Class Coupe and Cabriolet, the Seat Ateca (also Cupra) to the Volkswagen Arteon that, for the occasion, adds to the range the all-new bodywork, the shooting brake.

Cars + the special 70th anniversary of Formula 1. In 2020 the World of Formula 1 turns 70: Quattroruote, with the precious contribution of Ruoteclassiche, celebrates the anniversary with a volume that examines this extraordinary adventure of the motorsport telling the protagonists of the legendary men and machines) that have been going on in the various decades. The special is available with Wheels to 2,90 euros more.

Quattroruote + book “Alfa Romeo: questions of style”. On the occasion of 110 years of Alfa Romeo, the new volume of the series Passion Quattroruote celebrating the two unique elements of the House of the Biscione: the style and design. The protagonists explain, with previously unpublished testimonials, the why of an identity that has no equal. The volume is available with Wheels to 5,90 euro.

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