The Formula 1 part, with many new features

DIFFICULT MONTHS – on The 13th of march, when there were just a few hours to practice at the first Gp of the season 2020 of Formula 1 (in Australia), an employee of McLaren was positive to coronavirus and the british team decided as a precaution to withdraw from the Grand Prix. At that point, the teams, the Federation and the organizers of the race they chose to cancel the event to avoid the risk of the spread of the infection, not only in the paddock but also among the public on the forums. It was thought that the league would be started in the following weeks, but the health emergency has proved more severe than expected, and one after the other have been postponed or canceled, the next 9 races.

WITHOUT the FANS – This situation has forced to the extraordinary the company that organises the championship, the american Liberty Media, who has had to study the way to put together a season with at least 8 races, the minimum to be able to assign the securities. First, it was decided to anticipate the summer break is compulsory for the stables: it was carried out between march and April, instead of August, so I can race this month. Then, with the improve of the health emergency, they had to draw a new calendar, which takes account of the travel needs for the team: at the moment, have been announced 8 races in Europe, are all, without fans, the first of which will take place on 5 July in Austria (where it will run the second). Formula 1 aims to correrne between 15 and 18, against 22 of the championship complete: in September and October and the other in Europe and the first in Asia, in October and November, the remaining in Asia and in the Americas, before the grand finale in December in the Middle East.

MERCEDES STILL FAVOURITE? – When there are a few days away, therefore, the calendar is still incomplete and there is no certainty even on the values of strength of the teams, considering that these have evolved and improved in single-seaters and worked during the period of lockdown. It is likely, however, that the Mercedes will continue to have the favors of the prediction, but it remains to be seen how formidable rivals Red Bull and Ferrari, with the latter looking for a title that is missing from more than 10 years. The Redhead, however, will have to be good at managing the two pilots: the young Charles Leclerc was in fact promoted to the first driver, at the expense of multi-titled Sebastian Vettel, that has not gotten the renewal for the coming seasons, and will leave Maranello at the end of the championship, 2020 (the will replace Carlos Sainz Jr, to the McLaren).

WITHOUT the PODIUM – in order To ensure the resumption of the championship, the team are committed to adhere to strict security protocols, with the result of seeing change habits and traditions are now well established. At the end of the race, for example, there will be the award ceremony of the podium: this will avoid some of the riders and members of the staff come into contact in an uncontrolled way. Also the starting grid will be modified for the same reason: they can enter the track only 40 people in all, 2 per car. Do not take place on the parade, pre-race riders meeting the race will be made from the pc, and the team may not be able to show off their huge motorhome (structures made on the basis of the tir).